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Well this livejournal is really old, and was used back when I was a little closet case and afraid that all my friends would hate me because I like girls, well, most of them are gay too, so that didn't really happen. I don't check this livejournal very often, nor do I use it anymore, seeing as I'm quite gay, out and proud, I have found no further use for it. But I do know that people willing to talk to me, and communities on here helped me out a lot when I was questioning and coming out, so if you want to talk about anything from coming out to sex, I'm willing to listen, or help if I can. My other livejournal is papaya2whip although I don't use it much, because I'm lazy, I do read friends entries, so drop me a comment and I'll add you, or you can find me on aim 'papaya2whip' or myspace www.myspace.com/ductconverse any way you want to talk, its cool with me.